Think about the last article you read online. Chances are you clicked on the article because its topic interested you and it was likely easy to access and free. Now think about why it was free. The article was a result of someone’s work – maybe a writer or a company being paid to create that piece of content – but you as the reader didn’t have to pay for it. 

The reason behind this seamless scenario is that, in many cases, advertising powers the internet as we know it today; it pays for the vast majority of content we consume. 

Many content providers, including publishers of major news publications, rely on advertising revenue to create the content that we all count on to inform and inspire us. A recent study conducted with over 10,000 respondents across five countries (including the UK and US) found that online content consumption has soared in 2020. As we’ve been stuck at home since the beginning of the COVI-19 pandemic, daily time spent online has doubled globally from just over three hours a day on average to just under seven. 

Without advertising revenue, all of that free content would either go away or be behind a paywall, which you’d have to pay to access. This revenue helps power the business of content creators and allows them to continue creating all of the free content we consume throughout the day. 

Now, here’s where you come in. A lot of the content you see across the internet is interesting to you because it’s about something relevant to you, and that’s no coincidence. Because advertising is such a critical part of their business, content creators understand it’s important to make online experiences more enjoyable, which means that what they develop is often informed by the data readers share. One of the ways this is done is by using online actions –  what you read, the websites you visit, the products you save in our shopping carts –  to create a more personalized experience, which gives readers more relevant content and allows content creators to provide that content for free. This is also helpful for advertisers because they’re able to connect with people who have actively shown interest in their services or products.

This entire ecosystem – from content development to advertising revenue – in many ways relies on you. Incorporating your data into this ecosystem is invaluable and most content creators and advertisers rely on your help daily. 

Understanding how valuable the consumer data you provide is to the ecosystem might make you question what control you have over the data collected about you online. There is a growing focus among advertisers and content creators to put privacy and control over your data at the center of your online experience, while still giving you personalized content and advertising.  

In fact, content creators are following new laws that put you at the center of decision-making when it comes to your data. For example, many websites operators in Europe have responded to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by asking website visitors to consent to certain uses of their data, which is why you’ve probably seen many, many cookie pop-ups on the sites you visit.

As one of the most valuable players in the advertising ecosystem, it’s important for you to have a voice. By enabling you to support free content through data sharing and giving you the transparency and control you need to make informed decisions, Permisio gives you that voice. 

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